Is it safe to pay on your website?

Secure Payments with PayPal Express Checkout : Since PayPal is a world leader in processing secure online payments you can choose to pay directly via your own PayPal account or by all major Credit Cards.

Your credit card details are never stored in Golden Voyager Tours website. All your information you give for the payment has SSL secure encryption by our Cloud Platform. All your data is transmitted securely to assure you the highest level of protection for our online store/booking system.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all forms of major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Dinners Club.

Is there any other way to book for a tour other than your website?

Yes, you can also book sending an e-mail at info@goldenvoyager.it or over phone +39 06 6830 1676.

What is your cancellation policy?

All cancellations are subject to a 10% fee of the total charge and we enforce a 72-hour advance refund policy; no refunds will be given for cancellations made within 72 hours of tour commencement. No refunds are given after a tour has commenced. Please you can find our complete Cancellation Policy here.

Do you offer multiple tour discounts?

Yes, there is a variety of tour package deals that we offer for customers who book two or more tours with us. If you are interested booking a large amount of tours contact us by e-mail at info@goldenvoyager.it or by phone +39 06 6830 1676.

Do you offer reduced rates for children?

Yes, children between 6 and 17 years receive a discount on all tours as noted on individual tour pages. While Children under 6 years of age are completely free of charge (except the “Colosseum Underground Tour”).

Do you offer discount for students?

Yes you get a student discount by showing a student ID card in our office before the tour departure time.

Do you offer reduced rates for travel agencies?

Yes, all official travel agencies have a 10% discount on our tours. Please contact us by phone or e-mail to register your agency with us and receive your personal discount code

Do you accept the RomaPass?

Yes, if you have a RomaPass, you can get a discount price on Colosseum Tour. Please show your RomaPass at the office before the departure time to get the discount.

How far in advance should I book my tour?

Please check on our website the availability of each tour time and day that you are interested; If in any case the tour time and day that you are interested is full booked you are please to send as an enquiry in e-mail or contact us over the phone to make an exception, although availability can never be guaranteed depending on the season of the year.

Is it possible to place last-minute tour bookings on the same day?

We love all our customers and try to accommodate as many customers as possible as long as we still have spots open. First please check the availability on our website; if tour is fully-booked you are pleased to contact us by phone or by e-mail to make a last-minute reservation.

What do your prices include?

All tour prices include the professional tour guide service, skip-the-line access and reservation fees. Headsets are also provided so you can hear your guide clearly throughout the tour.

What is the difference of a “group” and “semi-private” tour?

A semi-private tour runs exclusively for a small group of people. A more cost-effective option is to join a group tour, in which you share your guide with other tour participants. All participants will have plenty of opportunity to interact with your guide in both cases.

Can I take a tour if I have walking difficulties or require a wheelchair?

Most of the tours are not suitable for wheelchair participants. In such case we recommend booking a private tour, which allows your tour guide to adjust the tour route and pace of the tour to your needs. In such cases you are pleased to contact our office for making a reservation.

Can I bring a stroller on your tours?

Yes you can bring a stroller in a tour; tour guides are more than happy to help you access visitors areas that allow entrance with strollers.

What languages do you offer tours in?

We currently offer tours in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese. For any other language requirement feel free to contact our office and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Is hotel pick-up included in the tour price?

Hotel pick-up is not included in the tour price. If having problems find your way around Rome feel free to contact our office. We will do our best to guide you.

Is it necessary to book in advance or can I just show up at the meeting point?

Advanced booking is required on all tours to reserve a spot since and we need to get the pre-book tickets for all participants. For a last-minute reservations contact our office.

Do you provide services not listed on the site?

Yes, we offer a wide range of services not listed on the site, including tours of sights not normally open to the public. You are pleased to contact our office with your request.

Do you have an office for meeting and gathering information in person?

Yes, we have an office. It is located on Via Borgo Pio, 190, 00193 Roma just a 5 minute walk from the entrance of the Vatican Museums. Office is open 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Saturday so feel free to stop by for a chat and cup of coffee anytime. Our customer service agents will be happy to help you with various tour options and any inquires you may have.

How do I contact your office?

You can always reach us via e-mail: info@goldenvoyager.it or call us by phone +39 06 6830 1676

Do I need to e-mail or call to confirm my tour?

No, if you have made a booking online on our website you will receive booking confirmation in your e-mail, without needing to call us for a confirmation.

Do I need to collect tickets before the tour?

No, you don’t need to pick up tickets. You are pleased to show at the office 20 minutes before the departure time so the tour guide checks all the tour reservations and will have all tickets for skip-the-line sights entry.

I did not receive my confirmation e-mail, why?

If you did not receive the confirmation e-mail within few minutes of booking, please check you junk/bulk e-mail folder Justin case the message was not delivered to your inbox. In the case your email details prior to booking were not correct please contact our office via e-mail or phone to check the booking details and update the information that you entered for the reservation.

Can I change the date of my tour after booking?

Yes, you can request to change the date of the tour up to 72 hours prior to tour commencement. Please note that many tours book in advance and changes of tour dates will be accepted only upon tour availability.

Do I need to bring a confirmation voucher to the tour?

No, you do not have to bring a confirmation voucher with you, but we strongly suggest that you keep the voucher in your email to access it through your smart phone since it contains details of the meeting point and tour itinerary details.

What should I bring on my tour?

Having a confirmation e-mail handy is helpful when trying to find the tour meeting point. Dress comfortably as the tours include a lot of walking. Recommended for warmer months have a bottle of water and sunscreen to ensure health safety and bringing your own headsets on the tour is the best way to elevate the sound quality of the tour.

Do your tours run in bad weather?

Yes, all tours run in rain, shine, snow or hail. Please be sure to check the weather forecast on the day of our tour and dress accordingly. On same rare occasions, when weather is particularly dramatic some sights may be closed. On such occasions we will, if possible, contact you in advance with an alternative tour date or itinerary.

How will I recognize my tour guide?

Our tour guides are always waiting 20 minutes before the tour departure time at the designated meeting point. To make sure that you find them easily they hold a sign with “Golden Voyager Tour” logo on it. For our Vatican Tours you will meet your tour guide directly in our office, just 5 minute walk from the Vatican Museums.

What happens if I am running late for my tour?

Please, do not be late! In most cases, late arrivals cannot be accommodated as we have to respect the time slots for all other participants. We recommend arriving at least 20 minutes prior to the start time. You are always welcome to contact our office if you have any problems finding our location. We are more than happy to assist you.

Should I tip my tour guide?

Tipping is not required or expected but if you had a great time and would like to show gratitude to your tour guide, gratuities are very much appreciated.

Vatican Tours

Do your Vatican tours include the admission fee?

Yes, all of our Vatican tours include the admission and reservation fees.

Do your Vatican tours include skip-the-line access?

Yes, all of our Vatican tours include skip-the-line privileged access to all sights visited. We take care to make reservations for special group entrance with pre-reserved timed-entry tickets, so you’ll never have to wait in long general access lines.

Where do your Vatican tours meet?

Our entire Vatican tours meet in our office, located just 5 minute walk from the Vatican Museums entrance. Full details are included in the confirmation e-mail you will receive when you book a tour.

Is there a dress code for you Vatican tours?

Yes, both the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica have a strict dress code; requiring all visitors to cover their shoulders and knees. Low cut or sleeveless clothing, shorts, miniskirts and hats are not allowed.

How big are the groups on your Vatican tour?

Our group tours of the Vatican have a maximum of 26 guests or fewer, while our semi-private tours of the Vatican have a maximum of 13 guests.

Will I be able to explore the Museums on my own once the tour is over?

Yes, you can but you would refrain from entering St. Peter’s Basilica with your guide and miss out on the part of the tour. Vatican tours leave through a one-way passage from the Sistine Chapel to St. Peter’s Basilica. Once you have exited the Museums you cannot re-enter without waiting in line and purchasing a new ticket, so please make sure to notify your guide of your choice before entering the Sistine Chapel. On the other hand you are able to explore St. Peter’s Basilica on your own since is the last tour sight and is very convenient location to visit the grottoes, Vatican post office or climb the dome. Your tour guide will be happy to show you in the right direction.

Do your Vatican tours include a climb St. Peter’s dome?

No, none of our tours include a climb up to the dome of St. Peter’s but you are more than welcome to climb the “cupola” independently after the tour has finished. The dome closes around 5 pm depending

on the season of the year so make sure to plan your day accordingly. Please note additional costs apply and you have to wait in line to enter in high season

Can I bring a bad with me to the Vatican Museums?

Yes, you can bring a small bag with you on your tour. Bags, backpacks or luggage measuring more than 40-35-15 cm are not allowed into the Vatican Museums and must be checked at the cloakroom. The same applies to large umbrellas, tripods or any other object that could potentially be harmful to other visitors or damage works of art in the Museums. The cloakroom storage is free of charge but remind that it is located 20 minutes walking distance from the starting point of Vatican tours.

Do your Vatican tours include the Sistine Chapel?

Yes, all of our Vatican tours include the Sistine Chapel.

Do your Vatican tours include St. Peter’s Basilica?

Yes, all of our Vatican tours include St. Peter’s Basilica. Please note, however that the Basilica of St. Peter is an active parish and is therefore subject to unforeseen closures for spiritual celebrations. In such cases we will, if possible, contact you in advance with an alternative tour time or itinerary.

Is photography allowed in the Vatican?

Yes and no. Photography is strictly forbidden inside the Sistine Chapel but you are more than welcome to take photos throughout the rest of the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica as long as you turn off the flash first.

Do you provide tours of the Vatican Necropolis?

No, currently tours of the Necropolis are not provided by us.

Do you provide tours of the Vatican gardens?

No, we do not currently offer any tours which include the Vatican Gardens.

Colosseum Tours

Do your Colosseum tours include the admission fee?

Yes, all of our Colosseum tours include the admission and reservation fees.

Do your Colosseum tours include skip-the-line access?

Yes, all of our Colosseum tours include skip-the-line access to all sights visited. Please note however the newly installed security check-point may cause delays.

Where do your Colosseum tours meet?

All of the Colosseum Tours meet outside the “Colosseum” just across the main entrance. You will receive full address location details in e-mail on your booking confirmation you receive when you make a booking in our website. Feel free to contact our office or stop by anytime, we love to help in any of your requests.

Do your Colosseum tours include the arena floor and underground level?

Only the “Colosseum Underground Tour” includes these exclusive areas of the Colosseum.

Will I be able to explore the sites on my own once my Colosseum tour is over?

Yes and no. Our Colosseum tours usually start in the Colosseum and conclude on the Palatine Hill. From there you cannot re-enter the Colosseum without waiting in line and purchasing a new tickets. However you can continue exploring the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum at your leisure using the same ticket. If you book a private tour then you can change the tour itinerary as wish and end the tour in Colosseum instead the Palatine Hill.

Why are you charging for children under 6 years on your “Colosseum Tours”?

Infants are counted as a participant by the Colosseum authorities; we cannot sell those spots to other visitors who may wish to join. Therefore we have to charge children under 6 years old or the tour with the discounted price shown in our website.